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Bay Area Property Services believes not only in the continued education of our staff, but continued education for our Board Members. We host a large Board Education Seminar each year, as well as other training sessions as needed. All Board Members are invited to attend, free of charge, as part of the BAPS family of communities. BAPS invites experts from all fields to discuss collections, foreclosures, roofing, termites, legal issues, new laws, reserve studies, etc. Lunch is served during most seminars and attendance is very high. The feedback from our Board members has been immediate and positive. BAPS is one of the few companies that still produces these kinds of events, to provide an outstanding day of education.


Winter 2020 Seminar Materials:

  • Legal Update Lunch Materials: Download Full Presentation Here!

    • Senate Bill 323, presented by Zer Iyer, Esq., of Anguis & Terry LLP​

    • SB 326 - How to Fund Balcony Repairs, presented by Alliance Bank

    • New Deck Inspection Law: What Board Members Need to Know, presented by Russell & Mallett, LLP

    • SB 326 - An Inspector's Perspective, presented by Israel De La Cruz, Sr. Construction Manager, DLC Construction Management

    • Decks: Destructive Testing, Why They Fail, Repairs and Reconstruction, presented by Universe Painting & Construction

2019 Seminar Materials:



2018 Seminar Materials:




2017 Seminar Materials:



2016 Seminar Materials:


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