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Our Strategy for Developers & Builders

Property Management: The Planning Phase

Before You Break Ground 


The Developer Services Department at BAPS possesses experience and practical involvement in the planning phase and management of residential associations. Our experience connects our builder and developer clients to the promise of a successful community.  

Employees across our offices have experience in all types of communities from high-rise, mixed-use projects, to master planned communities, to those with environmental considerations including water quality or lake and stream issues. BAPS staff members are available to review plans and make recommendations on common area amenities, provide insight to security and other building-related systems. Our professional staff is well versed in budget regulations imposed by the State of California. The end result is efficient and accurate information you would expect from an industry leader.

Property Management: The Conceptual Phase 

Enhancing Your Professional Reputation 

The purpose of the conceptual phase is to develop the concept and basic framework for how the association will be at build out. We provide input from an HOA standpoint and provide the guidance to alert potential benefits and issues to avoid or how to handle problems before they occur. BAPS leverages their years of experience to ensure that this part of the conceptual phase is executed efficiently and professionally.

There are three major steps to the conceptual phase of the project:

  1. Project Kick-Off: A first meeting is organized by BAPS and held amongst the leads and reports for the consulting team, sales team, developer attorney, construction manager, and land development.

  2. Governing Document Review: Review of the CC&R’s and creation of the Rules and Regulations of the Association.  Formation of the election rules.

  3. Architectural Review: BAPS will examine the Architectural process and ensure that even the smallest details are addressed. We make sure even window coverings used in the sales office are compliant with the association rules.

Property Management: The Construction Phase 

Setting the Stage 

Connecting people to the promise of an inviting new community is an integral part of successful developments. During the construction phase, BAPS implements progressive practices and initiatives to help new developments foster a true sense of community.  We hold town hall meetings which invites the homeowners to meet the developer, the management team, and the sales team.

  1. Site Walks: BAPS Developer Services team walk the site with you to apply practical experience and recommendations on common area amenities.

  2. Educate: We educate your sales and customer service personnel on community living and how potential homebuyers can be connected with the promise of a great place to live.

  3. Inform: Our informational brochures prepare homeowners for community living and educate them about their responsibilities as a member of the association.

Some communities provide a resort-style experience for their future residents with expansive clubhouses, restaurants, bars, and other common area amenities. BAPS supports these communities with extensive experience and a commitment to outstanding customer service.


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