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Understanding Your Community Bylaws & The How-to’s Of Managing Neighborhood Disputes

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Living in a community association is like living in a private city with membership dues. Navigating the city and its rules can create many questions. Questions like: "Why do I pay dues?  Who maintains what?  Where can I park?  When does the pool open and how do I get access?" 

At Bay Area Property Services, we are happy to assist you with any of those questions, whether we are your management firm or not. Our goal is to serve the community association industry as a whole.  

We frequently conduct educational events for our customers providing resources and information. We also offer this knowledge to our to non-customers each year at our speaking events held with the Community Association Institute (CAI), Executive Council of Homeowner Associations (ECHO) and California of Community Managers (CACM). 

CAI and ECHO are organizations dedicated to the education and well-being of board members who serve their communities as volunteer board members. These organizations also bring together board members and industry vendors who serve community associations. This connects us with thousands of community association experts.  If you have a question about your community association, please feel free to reach out to us at and we or one of our experts will gladly respond.

Do you have questions about your HOA? From understanding bylaws to the how-to’s of managing neighborhood disputes, Bay Area Property Services (BAPS) can answer any of your questions about community management when you visit us here:

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