Full Management Services

In addition to financial services, we offer full management services, which includes but not limited to:

• Financial Services, Financial Statements, and Billing
• Administration of Your Delinquency Policy
• Assessing Late Fees & Interest
• Sending Late Notices
• Board Meeting and Annual Meeting Preparation & Attendance
• Vendor Management
• Site Inspections
• Board Minute Transcription
• Processing and/or Enforcing of Governing Documents, Violations and Work Orders
• Newsletters
• Board Education & Seminars
• Tracking of Reserve Study Scheduled Repairs/Replacements
• 24 Hour Emergency Service
• Escrow Services for sales and refinance
• Janitorial/Handyman Services
• Notary Services
• Consulting
Accounting - The Accounting Department is a vital part of our company and our client's business operations. Our Accounting staff collectively has over 60 years accounting experience. We use CALIBER, a customized accounting program that produces "easy to read and understand" financial statements. A copy of an actual financial statement will be presented during the interview process.
Maintenance - Over the years, many Associations have had a hard time getting the small handyman items done in a timely manner and at a fair price. That is why we have a maintenance division that services the communities we manage. Our maintenance services include janitorial, light handyman, dump runs, and lighting services. Of course, use of these services is optional to our clients.
Site Inspections - Conducting property inspections on a regular basis is essential to property management. Frequency of site inspections is contractual. In addition to summary inspection reports, photographs are taken of violations, which are used as documentation when writing courtesy violation letters to homeowners.

- Bay Area Property Services offers cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and 24-hour voicemail to our clients. Customer Service can be e-mailed at customerservice@bayservice.net, and the Accounting Department can be e-mailed at accounting@bayservice.net.