Board Member Education

Bay Area Property Services believes not only in the continued education of our staff, but continued education for Board Members. We host a large Board Education Seminar each year, as well as other training as needed. All Board Members are invited to attend, free of charge, as part of the BAPS family of communities. BAPS brings experts from all fields to discuss collections, foreclosures, roofing, termites, legal issues, new laws, reserve studies, etc. Lunch is served during most seminars and attendance is very high. The feedback from our Board members has been immediate and positive. BAPS is one of the few companies that produces these kinds of events, to provide an outstanding day of education. 

2019 Seminar Materials:

1) The Common (and Not So Common) Courtesies of Community Living: presented by John Gill, Edith Murphy, & Andrew Crowl of Hughes Gill Cochrane Tinetti, PC
2) Eyes in the Sky - Drones in Community Associations: presented by Roger Grant of Fenton Grant
3) Board Basics 101: A Crash Course in HOA Finance and Accounting: presented by David Levy, Partner, of Levy Erlanger & Co.
- Part One
- Part Two
- Part Three
- Part Four
4) What, No Earthquake Insurance? Motus; Where Your Coverage Begins: presented by Alex Jeffers and Dan Wallis of Motus Insurance Services, LLC

2018 Seminar Materials:

1) Opening Presentation with BAPS
2) Traits of Successful Board Members: presented by Alex Noland of Noland Law PC
3) SB721-What If, What Now & What Next? presented by Richard Riley and Kevin Canty of Riley Pasek Canty LLP
4) Protect your HOA with Smart  Policies: Solar Panels on Condos  and Peaceful Assembly: by Julie Mouser, Esq., presented by Zer Iyer, Esq., Partner, of Angius & Terry LLP
5) Navigating Social Media Liability - When to Get Involved and Why: presented by Sandra L. Gottlieb, Esq., of SwedelsonGottlieb
6) Insurance Nuts and Bolts and Claims: presented by Charlotte Allen of Socher Insurance and Steve Weil of Berding | Weil

2017 Seminar Materials:

1) Opening Presentation with BAPS
2) Understanding Homeowner Association Elections: presented by Zer Iyer, Esq., Partner, of Angius & Terry LLP
3) Community Association Financial, Tax & Budget Basics: presented by David Levy, Partner, & Joy Lee, Senior Accountant of Levy Erlanger & Company, CPAs
4) Construction Boom, Labor Shortages and Economics: How Does this affect my HOA? presented by Bill Mann & Regan Brown of the GB Group
5) Risk Management for "Interesting" Times: presented by Charlotte Allen of Socher Insurance, Steve O'Conner of ESR and Larry Russell of Russell Mallet, LLP

2016 Seminar Materials:

1) Opening Presentation with BAPS
2) The Trinity of Reconstruction: Reserves, Management, and Planning presented by Larry Russell of Russell & Mallett, LLP, Murray Joseph of Murray Joseph & Associations, and Joe Garcia of Richard Avelar & Associates
3) Collections & Credit Scores - What's the Correlation? presented by Lisa Chapman of United Trustee Services and Donny R. Disbro of Sperlonga Data & Analytics
4) New Laws that Affect HOAs presented by Michael Hughes of Hughes Gill Cochrane PC
5) Emergency Preparedness - Developing Solid Communications & Evacuation Plans presented by Thomas J. Connelly of Connelly Consulting.

2015 Seminar Materials:

Opening Presentation with BAPS
Fiduciary Duty and Challenges Facing Volunteer Directors - with John P. Gill, Esq.
Dealing with “Bad Apples”: Dispute Resolution with Angius & Terry LLP
Collections & Judgements with Russell & Mallett, LLP
The Drought & Your Landscape with Cagwin & Dorward:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Roofing Presentation with Sorenson Roofing:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

2014 Seminar Materials:

October 2014:
Click here for more info on our outstanding event held on October 11!

JUNE 2014: 2014 Caliber Training Presentation

2013 Seminar Materials

Opening Presentation

Smoking and Other Laws

Solar Projects